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Atlas, a World of Warcraft instance map browser

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Atlas, a World of Warcraft instance map browser Empty Atlas, a World of Warcraft instance map browser

Post  Obilic Tue Apr 29, 2008 4:17 am

Download at http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/download3896-Atlas

About Atlas

For some reason, Blizzard decided to include beautiful maps for every area of Azeroth except instances. You can still see the area surrounding you in the minimap when you're in an instance, but never the overall layout of the entire dungeon. This is where Atlas comes in. The core of Atlas is basically an image viewer. However, it's the images that come with Atlas that make it worthwhile: a map for every instance in the game. Furthermore, the maps are marked with the locations of bosses and other points of interest. Atlas also includes maps of battlegrounds, dungeon locations, flight points, and outdoor raid bosses.

After installing Atlas, you'll notice a new icon on the minimap that looks like part of a little globe (you can right-click the icon to drag it around the minimap's frame). Click this icon to open up the main Atlas window, which displays the maps and legend. You can alternatively use the slash-command /atlas. The drop-downs at the top of the window enable you to navigate between the maps. You can also drag the Atlas window around the screen. Lock it in place with the little lock button in the upper-right corner.

At the bottom of the legend is a small text-entry field as well as Search and Reset buttons. Type part of a word or name in the box and click the Search button, and the legend's entries are reduced to only those that match your text. Note that the search is performed only on the entries for the current map, not all the entries in the database. While not so useful for instances with only a few entries like Ragefire Chasm, the search comes in handy when there are a ton of entries, like for Blackrock Depths or the AtlasMajorCities plug-in. If you want to get the whole list back, just click Reset.


Atlas has a few simple options, accessible from the Options button in the upper-right corner of the main window, or with the slash-command /atlas options. A few of the settings aren't very self-explanatory so here's some more information about them. "Auto-Select Instance Map" detects the instance that you're in when you open Atlas, and then automatically switches to the appropriate map. This feature doesn't work in instances that have more than one map, like Blackrock Spire, Dire Maul, or many of the Outland instances. In this case, Atlas remembers the last map you had open. "Right-Click for World Map" makes the World Map open when you right-click anywhere on the Atlas window. This is useful when you want to quickly switch from Atlas to the World Map. "Clamp Window to Screen" makes it so that you can't drag the Atlas window off the edge of the screen. The rest of the options are pretty straightforward. The Reset Position button is useful if the Atlas window ever gets dragged completely off-screen and you can't get it back.

Atlas Plugins

Atlas has a built-in plugin system allowing for the easy addition of map packs. In fact, Atlas ships with four of these plugins (for battlegrounds, dungeon locations, flight points, and outdoor raid bosses). If you're interested in making your own Atlas map pack, I suggest you start with one of these four as a guide. You can contact me or post on the Atlas forums if you need help, however I suggest you do as much research as possible beforehand. Furthermore, there are several Atlas plugins that do more than simply provide additional maps. AtlasLoot provides a loot table for each boss, and AtlasQuest displays the quests associated with each instance. Note that I don't develop these plugins myself; they have their own project leads.

Before Installing
Any previous versions of Atlas must be deleted prior to installation.
Atlas plugins (AtlasLoot, AtlasQuest, etc.) designed for any version of Atlas prior to this one must be deleted.
Map packs supplied by Daviesh for Atlas 1.8.6 must be deleted prior to installation (they're unnecessary now anyway).

How to Install
Unzip the package into your World of Warcraft folder.
Your zip software must preserve directory structures.
If you're having trouble, please visit the Atlas FAQ:

Titan Panel




Name: Dan Gilbert
Email: loglow@gmail.com
AIM: dan5981


Atlas is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
For the full license text please see: gpl-v2-enUS.txt

Change Log

updated TOC number to 20400 for the 2.4 patch
new map: Magisters' Terrace
new map: Sunwell Plateau
the Atlas legend is quite a bit wider now
some artwork updates and tweaks, mostly for the scrollbar
added a button to toggle between entrances and instances, including a dropdown menu for multi-instance entrance maps
updated all the entrance map level ranges
with the wider legend, removed some instances of wrapping and abbreviation
tiny code fix for AtlasMajorCities (preliminary) (Andy)
tweaked the default position of the minimap button (Telchar)
renamed the five default Atlas plugins for a cleaner AddOns directory
improved the screen clamping offset values
fixed a bug with the reset position button
frame scale slider option increased to 1.5
legend entries that are too long will be truncated now
added an option to show a legend entry tooltip if the control button is held down
changed the frame strata of the main window so it covers all the action bars
added an option to display the player's coordinates on the world map
changed Horde Base to Horde Encampment and Night Elf Base to Night Elf Village in Hyjal (Telchar)
changed Blacksmith Plans to Blacksmithing Plans 3 times in BRD (Telchar)
added acronyms to Gnomeregan, Stockade, Magtheridon' Lair and all battlegrounds (Telchar)
changed Mailbox Keys to Postbox Keys in Stratholme (Telchar)
added Zaelot to the names of Zath and Lor'Khan in ZG (Telchar)
changed Necro Wing to Plague Wing in Naxxramas (Telchar)
removed Prince from Kael'Thas Sunstriders name (Telchar)
many changes to the Zul'Aman map (Celellach)
many changes to the Blackwing Lair map (Nihlo)
many changes to the Shadowfang Keep map (Celellach)
added Razorfen Spearhide to Razorfen Kraul (Celellach)
new map in outdoor raids: Skettis (Celellach, Nifl)
revamped Alterac Valley North and South maps (Celellach)
added Base Camp to Grom'Gol flightpoint (Telchar)
added Harrison Jones to ZA map (Kiria)
added angle-bracket titles to some mobs (more coming)
fixed a number of typos
remove attunement quest required for Karazhan, Hyjal Summit and Black Temple
revamped the auto-select feature to make use of SubZone data
Titan Panel support fix and some updates

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