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DPS Meter (calculates your damage)

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DPS Meter (calculates your damage) Empty DPS Meter (calculates your damage)

Post  Obilic Tue Apr 29, 2008 4:37 am

Download at http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/download8675-DPSMeter

DPSMeter calculates your damage per secong in combat, and displays it with a stylish and modern speedometer style. DPSMeter also records some data, like total damage, and the session's top hit. After combat, the digital display shows the final DPS of the whole combat.

DPSMeter automatically adjusts its scale every time your dps rises over the maximum, so the meter works fine if your DPS is 20 or 1200.

Latest update:
- Major bug fix!!!!!
- Fixed a bug of tooltip not showing, caused by some other addons
- Added checkmarks to the dropdown menu
- Damage meter option added, only beta so using might cause errors (disabled by default)

Full features list:
A speedometer style DPS display with self adjusting digits
A digital DPS display that shows the DPS of the previous combat
Tooltip stats, including:
- Average DPS for this session
- Maximum DPS for this session
- Total damage of this session and lifetime (per character)
- Top hit of this session
Adjustable scale of the frame
An alternative display of DPS in Scrolling Combat Text addon
An option to count also healing during combat
A "kind of" damage/healing meters for party (not fully tested)

Upcoming features:
More data collection like crit records, miss %, hit speed, and stuff (please make suggestions)
More skins
Better way to show the tooltip
... some other stuff

Known issues: Sometimes when character dies, DPSMeter locks up and continues calculating. It starts working fine again after the next combat. I've already almost fixed this. There may be also some issues with healing, because it is a new feature.

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