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Druja tank

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Druja tank Empty Druja tank

Post  MasterNeravarine Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:36 pm

Boris Jovanovic June 13 at 7:14pm
OK i'll write one short tanking guide.

1st these talents are good for tanking. I like to go deep feral cause there are lot of useful things. So dont need to ix with resto. Master Shapeshifter u dont need for tanking.

and these glyphs are good for tanking to. ( most of them i can make if some1 needs)

Mostly put red:Delicate Stormjewel
yellow:Deadly Ametrine (orange gem) this 1 if u want to have dodge caped.
blue:Solid Stormjewel
These sockets can be good if u can aford them.

I usualy put Agility and stamina enchants. So try to get these from enchanter. Staff enchant can be mongoose or agility( better). Leg enchant buy from LW.

Dodge cap shoud be 45% unbuffed on WOTLK. Cause u dont need more for ulduar tanking. Defense rating u dont need cause druids have http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=33853.
Armor cap shoud be above 30k and more if u can get unbuffed.

Single target tanking

U can pull target with http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=16857 (Faerie Fire (Feral))
then use mangle and maul. after that stack 5x Lacerate wich can crit if u use talents above. Just keep it like that and it will be good. Recomanded to use growl sometimes to incease your aggro. If the healing is not good u can pop up Barkskin and Frenzied Regeneration + Survival Instincts

If tanking more then 1 target

always use Swipe and Maul (if u put glyph of maul) wich gives your maul ability to hit 2 targets.
dont forget to put Thorns on yourself.

For tanking gear it is good to get dodge trincket. for the begging it is good to buy 1 in dalanar. And u can get 1 armor or stamina trincket from Az'jol nerub or Gun'drak. U dont need items with def rating as i said above. Rest of gear normaly leather items with agi, stam. Dont need strenght weapons.

Not the best tanking guide but i think u can use it Smile D R U I X
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