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Post  MasterNeravarine Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:00 pm

Leveling Guide

k guys, i'll show u few things about quick leveling on molten-sargeras.

1st no matter which class u are it will be good to take a leveling wep from VPs...
http://www.wowhead.com/quest=9977 these few weps are good for every class so pick 1 and it will maximum cost
u aproximetly 20 VPs.

step 1 - when u get all things rdy just go to The Barrens and grind all way down to lvl 20.

step 2 - go back to your home and train for new abilities and 60% mount.

step 3 - u can go back to lower part of The Barrens teritory or continue to Thousand Needles. same thing
just grind to lvl 30

step 4 - go to The Shimmering Flats , base camp...start taking quests and finish only those wich u have to
turn there and those with "Get this, get that" (GTGT) quests

step 5 - U can get lvl 39 with those quests in The Shimmering Flats so go to The Ratchet, also with taking
quests in The Shimmerng Flats u'll have to turn some in The Ratchet so it might be lvl 40.

step 6 - on lvl 40 go to your trainer and get new spells, mount 100%, etc.

step 7 - u can do some of your class quests 'till u get to 45 or go to STV and finish simple "GTGT" quests
untill 45.

step 8 - After 45 go to Swamp of sorrows...take the quest from the guy wich stands at the entrance of The Blasted Lands
and follow his chains. Try to finish them all. It will give u easy few levels.
After that go in to Blasted Lands, pick 1 of the GTGT quests at the guy wich is down to the right after passing the entance
Finish 1-2 quests and go forward to center of Blasted Lands...there is another guy wich gives 3 quest. Pick all but u'll do
2 only . 1 is with Flawless Draenethyst Sphere and another with mperfect Draenethyst Fragment. These 2 qitems u'll get from killing trash

step 9 - With Blasted Lands and Swamp of sarrows chains u'll get 58-59 so head to the Hellfire Penincula.

Step 10
- In hellfire u'll be doing quests 'till 68, then u can finish The Ring of Blood in Nagrand 'till u get lvl 70.
The rest is simple. Northrend easy GTGT quests and u'll have your 80 lvl with less then 10 hours
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